The world is changing rapidly, we can no longer use the same leadership and management approaches that we used in the past and expect them to work today. Our approach to leadership needs to adjust to today’s business context which is facing significant shifts and pressures. We have to question the status quo and redefine our processes and in so doing become quicker, more flexible and even better.

Leadership is the key to cultural change. We have defined eight new leadership principles which describe the Leadership behavior and attitude which we value: Purpose, Agility, Empowerment, Driven-to-win, Pioneering Spirit, Learning, Co-Creation, and Customer Orientation. A new leadership culture takes time to evolve and requires us to rethink employee development. We will encourage even more team work and collaboration and create new development paths. We will implement new tools and systems for example by including feedback from direct reports, colleagues and team members in our people development processes. We are regularly reviewing the positioning of leadership responsibilities and finding ways to make it easier for team members to make cross functional and international moves.